Our mission is to provide a modern sporting venue that promotes healthy competition and community engagement. We aim to foster a love of sports and physical activity, and to create an inclusive and safe space for athletes of all ages and abilities. We strive to be a leader in the industry, offering state-of-the-art facilities and exceptional service to our clients and guests. By providing an exceptional experience for all, we aim to inspire and empower individuals to achieve their athletic goals and reach their full potential.

Meet the Staff

Jeffery Carvo

Jeff is the owner and visionary behind the Club brand and the mission behind it. Whether its events or promoting your business, Jeff takes personal pride in your business in that reflects in your results.


+1 509 538-1609

Nathan Castaneda

Nate is the director of operations. Need a space last minute? Or need a space for practice? Nate is your man.


+1 509 591 1837

Lucas Fransen

Lucas is the technology side of the club, being the the full stack developer for any websites or apps. He controls the graphic design aspects of the club and also the social media channels. For any social media inquires talk to Lucas.


+1 509 578 6521

Learn how to reserve and pay for fields at the club!


1: Go to here

2: Click “Create Account”

Fill out all requested fields and submit to verify email.

3: Once a verified account is created time to login!

4: On the left navigation tab click “Book rentals”

5: Select which field or court you wish to rent and a time and date, then pay.

6: Relax… see that was easy, if we need anything else from you, we will call the number you provided with your account.


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